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The Clubs at Ole Brook

Tennis, Golf & Pool

Sporting Activities & Fun Events in Brookhaven, MS

The Ole Brook began as a family-oriented facility specifically focused on conscious cardiovascular exercises, including swimming, golf, and tennis. We offer excellent facilities with all the modern amenities, not to mention an amicable atmosphere, where families can have loads of fun through sports and other activities.

Our Vision

At The Ole Brook, our vision is to offer a wide variety of outdoor recreational activities for the entire family. We strongly believe in building and nurturing family units, which will pave the way for a strong community.

Ours is a first-class facility where adults and children can engage in several events or maybe just have a great time amidst their loved ones in an environment conducive to personal, mental, and spiritual development. The brand new golf course will definitely add an extra dose of class and vigor to the place.

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